Whole Class Writing Journals
Whole Class Writing Journals
Whole Class Writing Journals
Whole Class Writing Journals
Whole Class Writing Journals
Whole Class Writing Journals

Whole Class Writing Journals

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Have you ever done whole class journals? If not, let me tell you...they are awesome!

What are Whole Class Journals?

Whole Class Journals are journals (or composition notebooks) you keep in your classroom for all of the students to use. The students can grab them any time they have extra free time and write in the journals or read what other students have written.

In my classroom, I like to do Whole Class Journals for major skills such as Letter Writing, Persuasive Writing, Poetry, Procedural Writing, Narrative Writing, and Expository (or Informational) Writing. 

Provided are 180 writing prompts for 6 different writing areas in this product. The cool thing about these though...they are perfectly aligned to be printed on Avery 18163 Labels (or any 2 in by 4 in labels.) You can print and have 180 stickers to use on your journals (see pictures in the preview.) I have also included a cover for your journal, an instruction page for the students (glue this on the first page of the journal), and a back cover where the students can write their name after they finish a prompt. 

The students love these journals because the entire class can take ownership for the writings! The students also love to read other writings from the students in their class. 

The following journals are included:

Letter Writing
Persuasive Writing
Procedural Writing
Poetry Writing
Narrative Writing


There are MANY different types of printers out there. There is no way of me being able to match the labels with every printer. For example, my printer may be aligned different than your printer. These have been saved in PowerPoint as JPEGS so the whole page of labels will stay together and not be moved (this ensures the labels will print correctly.) However, please print a test page (on regular paper) and hold it up to the light in front of the labels. IF they do not line up perfectly, you can move the entire set of labels up or down to meet the needs of your printer. If you have any issues, please e-mail me at Hillary3986@gmail.com so I can help you solve the problem. :)

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