Wake Up Your Brain: October
Wake Up Your Brain: October
Wake Up Your Brain: October
Wake Up Your Brain: October

Wake Up Your Brain: October

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While working on Wake Up Your Brain, your students will be enhancing their problem solving, common sense, and inquisitive thinking skills.


  • Do Wake Up Your Brain first thing in the mornings!
  • The Wake Up Your Brain Grid Page (slide 1) is clickable. Simply click a photo you want the students to do, then it will go to that photo.
  • Project the photo on the board or wall.
  • The students will write their answers with dry erase markers on their desks (or dry erase boards) so this will be completely paperless.
  • The class will discuss their answers after most are finished!

There are five key components to Wake Up Your Brain.

  • Solve Problems
  • Ask Questions
  • Build Inferences
  • Make Connections
  • Construct a Plan

Solve Problems: Students will look for any problem that MIGHT could occur in the picture. Then students will solve that “problem.”

Ask Questions: After studying the picture, students will ask questions about things they want to know. Then students will determine a way they could *hypothetically* learn the answers to these questions.

Build Inferences: Students will study the picture and write three inferences about the picture. Then students will write something they DO NOT know about the picture.

Make Connections: The students will connect the picture to their life in some way.

Construct a Plan: Students can change ONE thing in the picture. What will they change and how will they change it?

If students have trouble, just tell them to do the best they can! We are practicing our thinking and there is no “right” answer!