Exit Tickets
Exit Tickets
Exit Tickets
Exit Tickets

Exit Tickets

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200 EXIT TICKETS with practice on Multiple Skills!

This Bundle includes 10 sets of Exit Tickets, each set including 20 Exit Tickets. (200 TOTAL)

Here is how EACH SET works:

These tickets are meant to last you an entire month! 5 tickets per week for 4 weeks! 

Each page contains 4 of the SAME tickets for easy printing! Simply print 5-6 of the same page, then you will have a whole class set printed! Then just cut them apart and have them ready to pass out to students!


These are quick "assessments" of the students knowledge. Pass these out to the students after teaching the lesson to check their understanding, or before you teach a lesson to check the students prior knowledge. They are called EXIT TICKETS because they are great to pass out as the students get ready to leave to go to lunch, recess, or even leave for the day. The students complete them, give them to you, then leave. I love using these to wrap up my lessons! 

Sets Included:

Main Idea
Text Structure
Cause and Effect
Synonym and Antonyms
Making Inferences
Fiction Elements
Non-Fiction Text Features
Point of View
Figurative Language