3rd Grade Literacy Centers
3rd Grade Literacy Centers
3rd Grade Literacy Centers
3rd Grade Literacy Centers

3rd Grade Literacy Centers

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This product is an entire year of Literacy Centers for 3rd grade students. 

36 Weeks (Approximately 700 pages) of Literacy Center Activities!

Centers Included:

Instruction Pages (and an editable version too!)

Reading Response


Vocabulary (Also includes an editable version so you can add your own words, just add a text box in the blanks for your own words.)


Centers include hands on activities, partner activities, and gives the students great exposure to reading comprehension. 

Centers are all aligned to Common Core Standards AND TEKS (Texas Standards)

Each week contains one activity for you to leave in the center for the entire week. Students are meant to rotate to that activity throughout the week as well as other centers. A rotation schedule is given as well as a guide to use on how to use this product appropriately. Each center activity includes a student instruction page for you to print off and leave in the center all week.

Each center activity is meant to be an independent or partner activity so you can conduct small groups during this time. Students should be challenged but able to complete the activity with minimal help from the teacher. (The student instruction page really helps in this area.)

These are print and go centers, no prep required except providing a book!

*NOTE* Some of these activities are the same each six weeks, but the students will create different versions of them. This helps the students understand what activity they are doing and get into a routine with centers.